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I'm a stay at home mother to 3 beautiful children who provide my with a great deal of joy, and I have a wonderful husband who works very hard to provide for us. Life with 3 young children can be very chaotic and stressful at times. However, I have found that with a little (or a lot) or planning and organization, life can be a lot simpler and happier. I like to refer to this as 'organized chaos!' So now that we're acquainted, why don't you make yourself a nice hot cup of tea, relax and sit down and browse through my blog. Please feel free to drop me a line :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Discovering Little JEMs - A whole new blog and a fresh start

I have decided that this blog needs an update and complete overhaul, so to save myself some time and energy, I figured it was easier to just start a whole new blog.

If you'd like to continue following my little escapades, you can now find me over at 

Thank you for following my journey so far, and I hope to see you over on my new blog soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Declutter Bug strikes again!!!

Earlier this week, the declutter bug must have bitten me as I got an overwhelming urge to purge the house of unwanted, unloved and unused items in the hope of creating a more simpler and clutter-free life.

First on the radar was the linen cupboard in the hallway. I found quite a few bed sheets and blankets which we no longer need... especially ones for a double bed.... since we don't even OWN a double bed???

Next up, I set the girls up in the lounge room with a movie whilst I set to work decluttering their bedroom. It was paramount that I made sure that they were suitably distracted otherwise they would want to 'help', and then nothing would get done, or disposed of!!! Two hours later and the result was a car boot loaded up with clothes and toys to be donated. 

I also did a quick declutter in Jack's room whilst he was at school and gave my next door neighbour a bag full of clothes for her son. He didn't have much in the way of toys to get rid of, as now that he's getting older, he tends to only play with a few things, and the things he didn't need found new homes last time I did a declutter in his room.

Well, the declutter bug struck again today, and this time I decided to tackle our bedroom and walk-in-robe. Well, the end result was 2 huge garbage bags of clothes, and a large stripy bag full of other bits and pieces which were too good to throw away, but which we no longer needed and were just cluttering up our cupboard and drawers.

Even Tim got in on the act and he had a really good sort out of all his clothes and got rid of heaps! (He had so many clothes, but as he works all week and is only home on the weekend, all he ever wears is his work uniform and a few outfits at home, yet his cupboard hanging space and drawers were overflowing with unused clothes!)

I even managed to free up a drawer in the top of my chest of drawers, and have now turned the chest of drawers into a dressing table as well. No longer are my pretty bottles of perfume and jewelery box hidden away inside the walk-in-robe, but they are now proudly displayed onto of my new dressing table/chest of drawers. The top drawer is now home to my makeup and hair accessories instead of them all being crammed into the top drawer in the bathroom... which also meant that I inadvertantly did a declutter in the bathroom whilst I was at it too!

It was a such a good feeling taking all the bags of rubbish and things to be donated out to the car and knowing that these things would no longer be adding to the clutter inside our home, but also knowing that by getting rid of these things, I have been able to better organise the space in these rooms. Not only do I now have a lovely dressing table, but I also have an area set up in my room for my sewing machine and all the fabric and bits and pieces to go with it! No longer is it tucked away underneath my computer desk, but is sitting ready and waiting for me to let my creativity loose!

Still on the 'Declutter To-Do-List' is the loungeroom, kitchen/dining room, laundry, computer desk area, and the really scary one... the garage!! That one's going to be a doozy!!!

There's one particular item in the house which I'm eagerly eying off but think I'll wait another day or so... Melody's dummy! I hid it first thing this morning, and she has gone the whole day without it! I'm really excited about the prospect of getting rid of it as her dummy is like an extra appendage for her. The fact that she has managed to cope reasonably well without it all day is a really good thing! Think I'll keep it hidden for another day or so before the declutter bug steals it!

A bounty of fresh goodies

I made the trip to our local fruit market yesterday, something which I have not done in quite some time as quite often it can be very hit and miss as to the quality of the produce they have. However, an advertisement in the local paper advertising some extremely good specials made me curious and decided the specials were too good to not go and have just a tiny peek.

I arrived to a place bursting with people who had decided to check out the specials as well. There were the usual rude people pushing in, and trying to protect the current pile of produce they were rummaging through in fear that you would come and gather all the 'good ones' before they could. The queues at the cash registers were halfway up each aisle... however, it was all worth it as I collected quite a bounty!

I spent a grand total of $32.50, however, the amount of fresh produce I purchased for this amount is amazing, considering the fact that fruit and vegetables purchased in the 'stupidmarkets' (aka supermarkets for those of you sitting at home scratching your heads) would have been at least triple the price I paid. I'd hate to think how much it would have cost if I'd bought them at the stupidmarket instead. But then, in all honesty, I probably would not have bought anywhere near as much because of the cost, and then my family would have missed out on all the lovely fresh produce.

So, for $32.50, here is what I bought... (there was also a 10kg bag of washed potatoes which I forgot to put in the picture!)

  • 1 dozen eggs - $1.99
  • 500g mushrooms - $3.20 ($6.99kg)
  • 3 lemons - $0.27 ($0.49kg)
  • 10kg washed potatoes - $4.99 (83 potatoes... yes I counted them!)
  • Lettuce - $0.89
  • 11 apples - $0.81 ($0.49kg)
  • 3 corn cobs - $2.00
  • 9 garlic cloves - $2.49
  • 5 florets of brocolli - $2.26 ($1.50kg)
  • Rockmelon - $0.99
  • Bunch of spring onions - $1.29
  • Half a watermelon - $2.27 (0.99kg)
  • 12 carrots - $1.94 ($0.99kg)
  • 1.4kg seedless grapes - $2.80 ($1.99kg)
  • 8 tomatoes - $0.47 ($0.99kg)
  • 6 plums - $0.72 ($0.99kg)
  • 3 onions - $0.51 ($1.49kg)
  • 2 green capsicums - $0.97 ($1.49kg)
  • 3 zucchini - $1.65 ($1.99kg)

Not a bad days shopping, and definately made it worthwhile making the effort to check out the fruit market again. Think I'll have to get back into the habit of making the trip down there in future!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best

"Hey Mum! Look at this cool new toy I found!!!"

"Woah... this standing up without holding onto anything business is tricky!"

"Woohoo! I did it!"

Getting the creative juices flowing...

I devised a schedule for the household about 12 months ago. I've tried on and off to implement it and know that it does work, however, I've always ended up getting slack, and it all goes out the window.

For the last few weeks however, the whole family has been following the schedule and I'm finding life is much easier. I'm even finding time to do little things like reading and knitting, which I haven't done either of for a very long time as I'm always really tired.

I'm really enjoying that I am now finding a little bit of time for myself each day to do things that I would like to do... for myself, not for anyone else! I'm also finding that I'm not as stressed and am enjoying more quality time with my husband and children, so everybody wins!!!

So to help keep the schedule as a focus in the home, I decided it was time to update the schedule board as it was looking pretty ordinary... and now that I've been finding some spare time, what better time to be a little creative!

So armed with a tin of black paint which was lurking in the garage, a paintbrush, and some rather gorgeous wrapping paper, I set to work...

This is the BEFORE...

and this is AFTER...

I was so impressed with the amount of difference a lick of paint can make, that I even spruced up a few plain old photo frames with a coat of the black paint too! Not bad for an afternoons work!!!